bent pos

The ultimate inventory and point-of-sale management system

We offer the most user-friendly and feature-rich inventory and point-of-sale management software.
Clean, fast and easy to customize
3 months free support
Works online and offline


Pack local

28000 DZD

Bent Local is the offline version that allows you to install the software on your computer or on a local server. This package includes the software, installation, support, maintenance and updates for 3 months.

Online package

40000 DZD

Bent Online is a live version hosted on a server connected to the internet, the advantage of the online version is that you can access it from anywhere at any time and it can be used by all your employees in multiple locations at the same time. you can continue to monitor your business in real time.
this package includes software, installation, domain name, hosting fees, support, maintenance and upgrades for 12 months.
you only pay once for the software and installation, but the domain name and server hosting fees are paid separately after the first year.
you can transfer to the local version whenever you want.


in addition to software, installation, support, we can provide you with all the hardware you need to run your business at the best market price, the hardware includes: computers, monitors, barcode scanners, printers ......

Additional Dedicated Solutions

bent superettes solution
Convenience stores

The software provides simple and efficient solutions to meet your requirements in the food industry: fast product rotation, stock management by weight, by unit, by unit invoiced by weight.

BentMeilleur système de gestion des entrepôts et des stocks
Bent Warehouse
38000 DZD

Bent's Warehouse Inventory Management Solution is developed to provide an easy and affordable solution for warehouse inventory/stock management. It allows you to categorize items, assign a unit of measure, and manage inventory for item variants as well. Yes, you can manage multiple warehouses.

Bent Restaurant POS solution algerie
Restaurant & Coffee shop 
60000 DZD

Our solution is an affordable, scalable and robust restaurant POS system that can help you run your business efficiently by saving you time and boosting your sales. The system also features a barcode inventory management module. It also gives you the ability to select the payment method and define the pricing policy, loyalty programs, promotion programs and allows offline and online management.

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